6 Things to know about Jalabiya

A jalabiya is an eastern dress that represents most of the UAE women. If you are looking for new jalabiya designs, UAE, you can easily find them in Dubai stores and you can also order them online throughout the UAE.

It is the modest form of clothing and is often worn by the women to be more comfortable during certain occasions and events. That’s why many women visiting the UAE look for Jalabiya dresses as they have a good demand in the country.

There are several other dresses that are also preferred by UAE women such as Indian kurta, dishdasha, and many more.

That’s why we have come up with 6 things to know about Jalabiya to let people know why this dress is preferred everywhere in the UAE.

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  1. An essential item in Ramadan

Many people don’t know this but Jalabiya has become the best choice for women in the UAE as they can easily wear it during Ramadan since they are comfortable and versatile.

  1. Arabian Culture

It’s a part of the Arabian culture and will always be a part of it as women prefer it wearing on several celebratory events and even in homes too. They represent the culture significantly and women from all over the world love to visit the country and wear Jalabiya too.

  1. A wide variety

It comes in a wide variety of designs as the jalabiya gowns are easy to carry during occasions and while traveling too. They are easily available in all the leading stores of the UAE and they can also be ordered online from the online stores since they represent half of the ethnic and traditional clothing of the UAE.

  1. Social Gatherings

The designers especially offer Jalabiya during Ramadan as they think that it is a time that calls for many social gatherings and family obligations. That’s why they think Jalabiya is a better option for families when they visit bazaars and stores.

  1. Easy to Wear

They are really easy to wear as they help the women feel safe and secure so they can put on and cover themselves without worrying about the several layers of clothing. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate all types of women.

  1. Light Fabric

Jalabiyas have a very light fabric Therefore it is preferred by most of the women during the summers because it’s trendy and comes at affordable prices.

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