Brief history of toothbrush

Toothbrushes have been around since centuries and it would be safe to say that they will be around for a few more centuries until we come up with an advanced tool which replaces toothbrushes just like texts replacing letters. Toothbrushes date back to the 3000 B.C where Egyptians made a brush by fraying off the end of a twig.

As we know that Egyptian pharaohs were buried in their tombs and pyramids alongside their belongings in hopes that they will rise once again and need them back, tooth sticks was one of those belongings.

Somewhere in 1600 B.C chewing sticks were invented which were made from the branch of an aromatic tree which provided fresh breath in return of chewing it. From there the developments were started and it wasn’t until 15th Century that Chinese invented the first ever toothbrush that was made from the hair of a pig’s neck attached to a bamboo or a bone. When this invention travelled all the way from China to Europe some more developments were made such as Europeans found the pig’s hair too thick and this is why horsehairs were considered softer and sometimes even feathers were used.

If you are wondering when the real toothbrushes came into the picture, then it wasn’t until 1938 when nylon was invented. Invention of nylon opened doors to many other different developments in the industry of oral health care and this is when nylon bristles were produced which was preferred by many people.

The toothbrushes we use today have been through many inventions, tests and trials. Even though the basic concept of brushing and cleaning teeth remains the same, there still are a few things that needed change such as the structure of a toothbrush which needed to have a rubber/silicon holds for a firmer grip. When the grip is firm and strong the deeper you will be able to get into the mouth and clean it properly.

Soon electronic toothbrushes were invented which are used till this date. The process of evolution and advancements never stops as the world exceeds towards brilliance by introducing dental implant clinic Dubai which helps with teeth whitening, root canal, porcelain veneers Dubai etc. Toothbrushes are truly a blessing which we are unaware of, just imagine what would be the condition of our mouths had we not have toothbrushes to clean it.

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